Quick Holiday Drive

I decided to go home for Christmas about three days early. It was a wise decision for in Utah, it started to snow. I don't do snow. Not if I can help it.

Of course, there was a ton of rain in Vegas too. But Rain makes for GREAT pictures! Like this one:

I was disappointed when I came to St. George and there were some awesome clouds below the tops of the mesas and no way to pull onto the side of the road. Hopefully there will be some beautiful scenic shots on my way down to Arizona after Christmas! So keep a look out!


Boise Madness!

After all my running around Europe I thought I would go somewhere truly exotic... BOISE! Okay, I can't even say that with a straight face, but there was something way better than exotic there: Maggie! My cheese-head friend is living there for a short while, so I thought I'd try to see her before she ran away to somewhere amazing where she's going to bring about world peace! (Seriously, if anyone can do it, it'll be Maggie.)

It just so happened that it was also the weekend Boise was holding their music festival. This meant we got to see Macy Grey and Backstreet Boys live. It was a blast! And, of course, a good opportunity for some pictures--presented here completely out of order!

The kids all got the best vantage point. Oh, to be young.

Because of the crowds, these were the best I could do with the Backstreet Boys. That's right... they're back! Maggie and I both turned to each other just before they started and asked, "do you remember what they sing?"

Of course, we remembered the classic stuff once they started them. And I was quite concerned when they began dancing that they might just bust a knee while trying to bust a move.

The girl was a little overexcited to see the band that was her heart throbs from ten years ago. The guy... he was in it for the brownie points.

Macy Grey! There's something about hearing music icons sing their own songs.

We went to Saturday Market and this was the only shot Maggie would let me take of her. She almost took away my camera, but we made a deal: no pictures of her, I could continue to snap away at the market.

 I LOVE Farmers' Markets. There were TONS of booths and lots to see. I especially loved the spoons booth (see above). They had wind chimes made entirely out of recycled silverware! Loved it!

While no regular pictures were allowed, taking pictures of possibly illegal activity. I just wish I'd had my camera when she was going from seat to seat in the Capitol building' State Senate room.


Home Sweet Home

Here we are... back in the states and I finally was able to upload the last 600 of my pictures (yay!) On my ten hour flight where I couldn't seem to get any sleep I calculated my totals on pictures and I have 4,227 to sift through. There were about 50 that I wanted to share from the last week in England... so excuse the long post!

These were taken at the Natural History Museum. We had fun going around seeing the exhibits, although I'm pretty sure we felt like we were 10.

Stratford Upon Avon. Here's where Shakespeare was born. Jackie's standing in front of the home he was born in.

Yes... they still have the coolest payphones ever.

Never seen so many wild swans. They went from group to group looking for handfuls of bread. We didn't have any.

Buckingham Palace. Apparently the flag means the queen is in. Don't know if that was the case or not.

We went to the gardens at Hyde Park and guess what they had.... ROSES! And other things too. Beautiful!

AND they have this tree that has branches growing upside down. It was like going inside Peter Pan's hideout.

Couldn't take pictures in the National Gallery, but Trafalgar Square was open game! I love the ship in a bottle!

Jackie had saved a voucher for afternoon tea at a rather nice cafe. It was quite fun and I feel very English after having done this. It's official!

We went out and waited for the sun to go down to get some night shots. Oh yeah... night shots make me happy!

London Tower had exhibits on Royal Armor. I love the axe and block... Off with their heads!

This is a mask that gossips were forced to wear as punishment.

We saw several beefeaters, but I liked this one. The strong, silent type.

Millenium Bridge and the Globe theatre. We went to see Henry IV part 1. FABULOUS! You haven't seen Shakespeare until you've seen it in the Globe!

Now that I'm back and working to get some energy back, I know I'll miss Europe. But someday I'll be back! The bug has bitten and it's not going to go away! Be on the lookout for some state-side travels and one day... one day I'll be back Europe! That's a promise!