And Now Introducing....

You are what you eat, right? Here in Italy, I’ve figured out that maybe it’s more you are how you eat. We’ve had discussions centered around personality tests. For example, the colors of personalities.

So here’s an introduction to some of the members of our illustrious group based on… how they eat.

This is Courtney. Courtney was my art history professor last fall and I was SO excited when I found out she’d be on the trip as well. She’s a stylish, classy sort of person (and I secretly hope to become a “Courtney” one day when I grow up). Courtney gets a lot of grief from us because she takes incredibly small bites, taking each taste with a dainty lift to her mouth and wipes her lips with sweet little pats of the napkin. She also can’t seem to help but keep her hands folded aristocratically in her lap. The other night we made her put her forearms on the edge of the table, lean in and take bigger bites!

Analysis: Courtney is always in control and conscience of her every move. Because of this, you will never find Courtney without a smile and an intelligent answer to any question you may have.

Carissa—my spunky roomie who misses her puppy and sleeping in the nude—is obsessed with éclairs. She wipes out the store on the corner to get some. The picture above is Carissa before she gets her morning éclair.

Analysis: Carissa has this normal exterior but, like her beloved éclairs, often has a burst of something extra special inside that she shares with us all. She’s able to make people laugh with a fun expression or one of her many silly voices.

Becky gets ridiculously excited when we have lots of fruits and vegetables in our meals and makes us all excited with her.

Analysis: We’re pretty sure she’s an extraterrestrial rabbit in disguise.

Ashley, Ashley… what can we say about Ashley? Ashley sits in the midst of everyone, but manages to keep from being poked fun at during meals, even though she has a hard time staying in her chair. When she has a gelato, she always always gets it in a cup, not cone. At the same time, she is willing to try new flavors every time.

Analysis: Ashley has her own boundaries and rules which she lives by, but everything within those bounds is done with a great amount of energy! She’s willing to take part in everything with excitement, but without complaint. We love Ashley and the quiet, powerful sense of adventure she brings with her.

Lina has been reprimanded by Steve on numerous occasions for having the gall to cut her spaghetti into bite-sized pieces. She simply smiles and continues doing so, a sly gleam in her eyes.

Analysis: There is a certain amount of subtle sassiness to Lina’s actions. She likes to appear studious and astute, but through her own methods, she goes the way of the rebel. Being wise beyond her years, there’s a sense that she knows exactly what she’s doing by irking Steve, keeping her on the edges of angelic group member and impish destroyer of spaghetti.

Me? I just love Italian food.

Analysis: I think this means I need to stay here forever!

Ciao! Rie


  1. Haha, I think this is your best post yet. :-)

  2. Happy Birthday to my sweet daughter Marie! She is in Italy on her birthday and havinga blast! I am so happy she is experiencing this fantastic trip and has learned so much. I love her dearly and I hope she has the best birthday ever!!!! Love you lots Marie and be safe. (Stay away from Italian men!!!)

  3. By the way, I think is one of the best posts too! Very insightful and clever at the same time. I feel like I know some of the people in your group! Have a great week!