"Better Rain in Rome than Dry at Home"

That is a quote from some man on the streets of Rome one day as we were trying to find a restaurant. It has been my mantra as the rain comes down and the umbrellas go up. (Not mine, of course. One, I don't have an umbrella and two, Florida made me tougher than that!)

We've had some amazing times in Rome and last night was our last night here! That means we'll be hitting the countryside and enjoying the beautiful Florence. There have been some places we haven't been able to take pictures, which is one reason I haven't updated recently. The other is the internet here. Florence is supposed to have better connection, so cross your fingers because hopefully (if that's true) you'll be getting more posts!

For now, here's been the last few days through the pictures!

Amber and her husband Russell won a week paid on any UVU study abroad. Amber works for the career counciling department at UVU and won this week through an essay contest. They've been a fun addition! On their first night, they were christened into the group with--you guessed it-- gelato!


Night shots at the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain. At this fountain, you're supposed to throw in two coins: the first to find love and the second so you will someday return to Rome. (By the way, the fountain in the movie "When in Rome" apparently doesn't exist. So don't come this way looking for it!)

A white chocolate egg I got at a little shop in the heart of Rome. Definitely picture worthy!

We took a Sunday trip to Tivoli,  which was AMAZING!!! This is Villa D'Este which became the prototype for all European gardens. It was jaw droppingly amazing! So many pictures to take, so little time!!!

Since the puppy picture was so popular, I thought we'd see how cats faired. This was the sweetest cat roaming around the villa. It was hard to take a picture of her because every time I'd get down on her level, she'd come right up to be pet. So I picked her up for a little bit at first. What can I say? I'm a cat person. (She was also VERY clean)

Left: One more from Tivoli Right: from a church we went to yesterday

Our last stop of the day was St. Peter's Basilica, which was absolutely massive! And beautiful to boot. For five euro, you're also able to take stairs all the way to the top of the dome and see a great view of the city. At first, six people said they were going to. In the end, most of them chickend out and Becky and I made the trip! We were the brave ones! The area was narrow and kinda skewed at times (see picture below) but there were little nitches to rest for a second and take some shots through little slots in the wall.

And as you can see, the view was definitely worth the while. Besides which, I can now proudly declare that I was on the top of St. Peter's!

One last funny story that really has nothing to do with anything. Somehow I've been dubbed the person that has anything anyone needs. Everyone generally asks me first if I have whatever random object they might need. I think it's funny, because most of the time I don't have it anyway.

Yesterday morning as we waited for a bus, Anna was holding a clip she'd had in her hair and asks "Does anyone have a bobby pin... or a pair of pliers?"-- the second being more jokingly.

The thing was, I had been finishing a bracelet the other morning downstairs and had to stick my round nose pliers and wire cutters into my backpack for the day. I never did remember to take them out. So when she said that, it clicked and I opened my bag. I almost didn't want to admit that I had them, but I did and everyone started laughing-- especially Anna. "That's the best thing that's ever happened to me!" she said.

So if you ever need something... you  know where to come!




  1. What an exciting trip you are on Marie. Love the pictures you have posted here. I will help Kaare check this out too. So glad you are having THIS MUCH FUN!
    Love you, Annela

  2. I love all the fountain shots! They're fantastic! Especially the side of the mossy fountain, and all the water pouring out of the animals' mouths. So beautiful. And I love the cat. I want a kitty of my own!

  3. What a great post!!!! I love the pictures, the captions, and the stories! You are like Michelle Pfiefer in One Fine Day... everything is in the magic bag. We love reading all your posts! I have to admit, that I sneak on at school to see if you have made a post once in a while. I am keeping my ancient civilizations students updated. We are going on to ancient Egypt tomorrow, but we will still check your blog.

    Love you,