Day in Assisi

So this morning started out with a run. Not like a "let's get out early for a nice invigorating jog through Rome"... more like a "We're cutting it close to make our train, so run up five flights of stairs and through the train station while trying to keep up with the rest of the group" sort of run.

There were a few people running late this morning, so we were really cutting it close. So close, in fact, that our train zoomed by just as we got onto the platform leading up to it! Steve had to go make new arrangements, but we were still able to make it to Assisi, albeit a little late.

That being said, Assisi was wonderful! It was the Pinocchio-esque village that you picture when you think of Italy.

More importantly, Assisi is a main place of pilgrimage--people going to see the Basilica of St. Francis.

We learned about St. Francis, just as much as the art today. This is because he was so vital to the movements in art. St. Francis was basically an upper middle class rich boy who gave it all up, turning in his nice cloth for plain clothes, having had a vision of the cross. He brought about the idea that the church was for everyone, not just the elite upper classes. He believed in going out and serving the people.

St. Francis also began the Franciscan Order-- which is the image we generally have of monks with brown robes and rope belts.

His female counterpart--St. Clare-- also has a church dedicated to her in Assisi where we saw her tomb along with some artifacts that have been preserved over the years.

Besides just the history, it was such a beautiful little town! I have pictures, but my camera is fighting me on actually uploading them, so tomorrow I will share those along with more!

Until then, CIAO!


  1. Wonderful Pictures! I downloaded all of them and am going to make a few into prints for my new office. It is just like you picture Italy. Amazing! The hills are a bit much, but obviously worth it. Love it! Love you!

  2. Where are you? Did you get lost in Rome or something? More pictures please:)

    Love mom!