Day Two

This morning I woke up with cankles. For those of you who don't know what cankles are it's the phenomenon where your ankles become so fatty that they blend in with your calfs. For those of you who do know, you'll understand what a terrible, terrible thing that is to wake up to. Someone told me that it was probably from the plane ride and--while I checked randomly throughout the day to see if they'd disappeared--I figured if I'm in Rome I might as well enjoy myself, cankles and all!

We were introduced more formally to the city today. After a continental breakfast and made our way to the metro station where we each got our pass.

Following like the faithful little students we are, Steve lead us through the city, telling how to stops work, which way to go and (most importantly) how to find our way back to the hotel. Of course what he didn't tell us was that when we got off at our stop we would be stepping out to a view of the Colleseum! I just about had a heart attack and died on the spot! I know I've seen pictures, I've seen movies of the Colleseum and I've heard so much about it. But nothing can really prepare you for the massive stones and beauty in the Roman ruins! (Although he could have at least tried)

As we walked the city, Steve point out major spots, it started to rain. And rain. And continued to rain off and on all day. After having lived in Florida, I came to a conclusion on umbrellas: most of the time it's not raining hard enough to really need them and when it does... umbrellas don't work anyway. Still, most of the people *including most of our group) either had umbrellas or bought them from guys on the street for 3 euros. I did without. If it started getting more than a light drizzle, somone would hold my camera, just to make sure it stayed safe, all the while I was bombarded by every umbrella man. "You want? You want?" No. I don't want.

A couple of the girls I was with this afternoon decided I would probably buy one just to get them to quit asking!

There were a few stop offs we made, including the fountains of Tivoli and the main shopping area in Rome. We were set free to explore. I stuck with Ashley and Carrissa. We had lunch, did some photo op moments (where at one point I made them play models) and then we found our way back to the hotel area, picking up some Gelato on the way.

Tonight I was also able to go with a few others back to the Vatican City where we did some more pictures. On the way back it started raining again.

So now I'm dry, safe, ready for bed and best of all... my cankles are gone!

Crashed before I could upload pictures so finished this in the morning! More tonight!


  1. Too much fun! The pictues are beautiful, the stories are funny, and I have cankles right now after DTD. I CAN'T WALK!!!! Keep up with the blog. It is so fun to check everyday to see what you did. I love you and I am glad you are having a wonderful time. Tell your friends, they actually look like models. LOVE YOU!

  2. I looooooove the picture of your friend in front of the green door. Girl, I know you're having fun taking pictures, but you need to actually be IN THEM sometime. Haha!

  3. My group makes me jump into them. I promise! Those ones are up on facebook, though. So go check out that album too!

  4. This is so amazing!!! What an incredible experience. I'm glad your cankles got better. I got that once after I got the mother of all sunburns on my legs. It was yucky: sunburn, swollen ankles, blisters. Yeah. Not pretty.

    I am ECSTATIC for you!! Enjoy every single bitty little milisecond!

  5. Where is day three?????

    Miss you, mom

  6. You had quite a few typos in this so I thought I would point them out:

    After a continental breakfast WE (instead of and) made our way to the metro station where we each got our pass.

    telling US how THE (not to) stops work

    Steve point(ed) out major spots, AND it started to rain

    A couple of the girls I was with this afternoon decided I SHOULD (not would) probably buy one just to get them to quit asking!

    Minus the punctuation these are the main things I saw. HAVE FUN!!!