Pictures from Assisi

So I'll try to post again tonight with today's events but for now... here are the pictures that finally did what I wanted them to! (With captions!)

At the Termini train station, they have a giant column covered in graffiti. There's graffiti all over, but this is the first organized graffiti we've seen. Many contributed to this community art :)

Our train. (You know... the one we had to take after we missed our first one?)

Our group in front of the Basilica of St. Francis. Yes, the hills slope this way all over Italy! I'm coming home with killer calfs, baby!!!


This is a sample of the style in this town! It's beautiful!

This would have been the community fountain. Not really used anymore, but still so pretty!! 
Some longer views of the area

And last, the gorgeous poppies. Gotta love this place!


  1. I love that fountain. I love anything with water. So, so beautiful!

  2. Oy. I am mesmerized! Wishing I was somehow there right now....
    Wow. Seriously. Places like that actually exist???