Ravenna and more

Although the rain has finally gone, our group is dropping like flies with coughs and congestion. Even Steve caught the bug--a first on any study abroad he's done, so he says. Luckily, though, I've managed to stay good and strong (if tired on occasion) and am determined to stay that way! We have plenty of Airborne that everyone is sharing as well.

We have been able to see some many great things here in Florence and even took a trip to Ravenna to see some beautiful Mosaics. Unfortunately, there have also been a lot of places we've been where no pictures are allowed. I have managed to get quite a few still!

This is Santa Maria Novella. It was an interesting church, with lots of private chapels inside. It's one of thsoe places we couldn't take pictures. Love the facade!

Brunelleschi's Dome. I could talk about this facinating piece of architecture all day! (Which kind of worked out, because this was the topic of my second report.) Besides being beautiful, the innovations he had to create was astounding! We still use some of it today.

The other day I just went walking before dinner. This is a picture of the Arno river in the evening. LOVE the clouds.

This is a fun story. So this was taken on the same walk as the river shot. As I was finding my way to the restaurant we go to dinner at (I always manage to get hopelessly lost) this man was doing a semi-street performance. This is one thing I love about Florence: while Rome had people doing flasy, weird art and performance to get money on the street, there are entertainers here in the true sense of the word. So this guy had the weird wig and tie that's all skewed. He would do a slow motion into a position until he froze like he was running. I really was laughing and took several pictures. Totally put in two euros because he was so fun
(plus I used it to take a bunch of pictures). At the very end, he started following right behind (like RIGHT behind) this guy and followed him doing the street, mimic him as he talked to the phone and he didn't even notice. SO FUNNY!

These are taken in Ravenna. I never knew I would love Mosaics so much! Really, I could have gone and starred at these all day. (Sorry... the one of the right isn't orienting correctly for some reason. Tilt your head to the left and you'll get the idea!)

Another fun thing: on Sunday when we went to church, I noticed on the front left side a woman signing. Yes! Signing! I leaned over and asked Maddi if she would switch me seats to see better. It was interesting to see how they sign and afterwards, I was able to talk to a couple of the interpreters. I learned the signs for "beautiful", "name" and "life" as well as how you ask someone "you got it"?

Until later! Ciao!


  1. Italian Sign Language? Awesome.

  2. Great pics! What an amazing journey. Incredible! I love the Mosaics too.
    They had statue people in England too. Way fun to find a good one!

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