When in Rome...

Do as the Romans right? Does anyone really know what that means? Well here's some fun facts about what it means to do as the Romans!

1) A traditional Italian meal comes in courses and the first course is always pasta. LOVE IT!

2) To do as the Romans you must never touch the brake pad. Even when there's someone in your way, swerve around them.

3) Because you're swerving down narrow streets, you must have tiny cars. Forget sedans, go for the smart car or a Vespa!

4) The greatest source of income is from selling umbrellas for 5 euros when it's sprinkling for ten minutes.

5) Gelatos are considered a staple. Along with pizza, pasta and paninis.

The last couple days have awesome! We have officially started classes, where we sit among the ruins of Rome. In fact, our first spot we were told we were about 60 feet from where Julius Ceasar was assasinated. Can anyone say "et tu Brute?"

We walked around the Roman Forum, looking at the original house for the senate in Rome, making our way through the Colisseum and many other triumphal arches, columns, and the Empiral Forum on the other side of the street. You know the tragedy? My camera battery died! I asked Steve about it and he said things don't charge as quickly here, so although I thought I refreshed it for the day, I pretty much hadn't! Needless to say I will be charging my battery every night from now on! Whether it needs it or not!

Here are at least a few of the pictures I got before my battery failed me:

We've also become pros at getting around on the metro. We're very careful with the pickpocket situation, especially since we had someone in our group have their wallet stolen (oh no!). We all huddle up real good now and keep our backpacks on our fronts (which we had been doing already).

One good thing Jen and I found at the metro was a Barbie doll. We had to buy it. I know it doesn't make much sense, but one of the flirty Italian men called over to a girl named Kimmy in our group the other day saying "Hey Barbie, Barbie!" Kimmy has beautiful blonde hair, which we're figuring triggered the remark. We told her at dinner that we found it on the metro train and we figured one of her hot Italian men left it for her.

Kimmy (aka "Barbie" and Jen)

Today we did another day of classes. I was able to do my first presentation, which was on the Pantheon, and we made our way back and forth on the streets. Since my camera was charged today, I was able to get lots of good pictures. But don't worry, those of you complaining there aren't any pics of me: I literally had another member of the group grab my camera off my neck and tell me to get in the picture!
The arm of Constantine

And last, I had someone help me get a "Yankee Doodle" picture. The term "Yankee Doodle Dandy" comes from when rich Americans in the 1800's would send their sons over on a European tour. While they were over, they would often pick up the French fashions, therefore picking up the title. There's an interesting niche in art history of these portraits where the Yankee doodle would pose for a picture that had been painted with everything except them. Often the Colisseum, Pantheon, or other major monument would be in the background. So here it is... my Yankee Doodle Dandy portrait!!!

Until later! Ciao!!!


  1. What a fun day! I love the pictures, especially the "high school musical" one. What a fun group you have with you. Tell them all I am jealous of them now too. What is the weather like there? I see people wearing jackets a lot. Take care and I will send you pictures of Cory doing his art at the festival in Henderson. It is amazing!

    Love you,

  2. Your grammar is better! I'm just jealous don't mind me.