IT Woes

I'm very sorry to say that my computer has been overworked and has gone on strike for uploading any of my pictures. (Which is one reason I'll be getting a Mac in the fall--shhhh don't tell my PC!) The good news is that since it's at the end of the trip, it's not a problem that my card is very full because I probably won't be taking any plane pictures. The bad news is in this post, you'll only have words. Sorry! I did think it would  be fun to give you a little taste of the pictures you'll be seeing later this weekend after I: 1)get home, 2)get mauled by three hyper, slobering mutts, 3)take a shower and 4) crash for about 20 hours.

Sunday was a pretty chill day. I went to a singles' ward where more than half the members were American abroad students (go figure) and Jackie and I made our way to the Natural History Museum. (Most of their Museums are FREE by the way. Yes... FREE!)

Monday was just about the awesomest day of my life--in fact it was so awesome a real word doesn't suffice in expressing it. In fact, most words won't. For my birthday, Jackie planned a trip to Stratford-Upon-Avon. Ring a bell anyone? Let me give you some hints... pen, parchment, Anne Hathaway (not the actress one), Mary Arden, writing, plays.... Macbeth, Much Ado about Nothing, Romeo and Juliet...

If you didn't get it with that last one go do some reading! Shakespeare people! I was in Shakespeare's home town!!! I have so many stinkin' pictures that are sitting on my camera waiting to be unloaded it's not even funny. I was even able to go to the church under which Shakespeare was buried. AMAZING! I feel the spirit of the Bard is now with me. :)

Tuesday was filled with more sites: Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park and--for a good portion of the day-- the National Gallery. I saw Hogarth people! And Rubens! Poussin and Van Gogh and Morrisot and Manet and Monet (two different people) and if you have no idea who some of these people are get to your google browser and start typing people! We topped off the visit with afternoon tea. It was, to quote Jackie, "very posh". They brought us each out our own three tiered tray, three plates each containing finger sandwiches, scones (which Americans do NOT make right), and other little desserts. I even had my own teapot of fresh mint tea!

Wednesday was  the final full day in London and we definitely made the most of it. We spent the morning in the London Tower. It was like... Disneyland... for history enthusiasts! Fantastic! There was even a conveyor belt you step on to view the crown jewels that reminded me of the Haunted Mansion. After seeing what we could there, we walked down the Thames passing the London Bridge, St. Paul's and making our way over the Millenium Bridge (which thank goodness was safe from Deatheaters while we were there) and over to the Globe Theatre. We got tickets and went back again last night. And if you think you've seen Shakespeare... you haven't. Not until you're sitting on a rock hard bench in the round with people standing (yes standing) all around the stage.

Today I have to take a shower, pack up and try to find Platform 9 3/4 once more before heading off to the airport. Yes... my European travels have come to an end. Now it's time to go through the thousands of pictures and organize them, start my last summer class and go back to real life in general.

Look out for pictures to come and more local traveling later this summer!

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