Arches National Park

I knew I wanted to go somewhere fun for Spring Break. I was supposed to go to Florida.But car accidents happen.

Then my friend Kristen wanted to find some people to go camping/hiking and I thought... "why not give it a shot, eh?" I mean, who really cares if I was still in a cast and on crutches? I was days away from getting the cast off so there could be worse things for me to do. Like skateboarding. Or skydiving. A thing which I would never do.

So we left Wednesday morning after getting the last of everything together. Three of us girls (who needs a boy to put up a tent?) made our way southeast and to the beautiful red rock deserts near Moab.

Tent building was fun, despite the wind. Of course, I took pictures, mostly, but I was able to anchor down one side by standing on it with crutches. It would have stayed up the first time if it hadn't been so windy. We had already decided to go into town to get some metal stakes (the plastic ones weren't cutting it) and came back to a complete collapse. When we got back that night from our first small hike to Broken Arch, though, it had managed, so we had high hopes when we went to bed.

Since the next day it was supposed to rain at some point, we stuck to shorter hikes, making sure we could get back once the rain dumped. We even went to Canyonland and got some great pictures. Alas, the rain began around two and we had to high tail it back to camp, where we shivered ourselves to death until the next day.

Friday was the best. We did a couple little hikes and Alyx and Kristen took on Devil's Garden, which was perhaps a bit too ambitious for my poor broken foot. I still didn't give up on Delicate Arch, though: 3 miles round trip, a good chunk of which is over some uneven sandstone. The three of us got a pretty good rhythm of getting me to where I needed to go when the path got a bit rough, but the best part was all the commentary from other hikers. "You're such a trooper," was probably the most oft repeated followed by other things like, "Incredible!", "You go girl!", "I'll stop complaining", and my favorite made by one of the last groups we passed, "As a physical therapist, I can't recommend what you're doing, but 'A' for courage."

It's definitely fun to get through a hike where everyone is cheering you on! And the best part??? GREAT pictures! Here are a few that have been edited up so far.