Stay-cation: Part I

As a part of our color photography class, we needed to come up with a "theme" or thoughts on what we would be shooting for our final. I decided to expand my experience with travel by doing a bit of a "Stay-cation". Everyone remember how that word became big a few years ago? When the economy dropped and no one could afford to travel? Well, here it is: a stay-cation around Salt Lake City. I'm out to discover the beauties of the state and all those places I've heard so much about and start to experience them.

Today I went to see the Spiral Jetty with one Miss Mikki Helmer. We left at 5 this morning and made our way through rain, wind, snow, staring cows, and all the mishaps of Mikki's "innate sense of direction" and finally got there!

For those of you who haven't heard of the Spiral Jetty, it's a piece of environmental art from 1970 by Robert Smithson. He meant it to be out of the way (that was until they forged a road right up to it). The risk is that there are often times the Jetty is completely submerged. We lucked out. See?

A little early morning fog.

 I loved the effect with the overcast skies. I'd been hoping for sunshine, but this turned out too good to be regretful now!

We climbed up a bit. You know me... cast, boot, crutches... who cares? Adventure ahead!

This was playing with a fish eye lens. I still need some practice with it, but this was a fun little "mini-me" spiral jetty someone made. I entitle it "Art Breeds!"

She had no idea she would be photography assistant, human-walking-stick, and model. 



Mikki actually ran down to make the birds fly. I was hoping they'd go a little higher, but I'll take what I can get!

This last week I also went to Salt Lake City and the "This is the Place" monument and Park City is on the list of places to go. Click follow to see more as it comes!!!