Goblin Valley

This summer, I'm taking a class in landscape photography (something I knew I needed to get much better at). A few of us decided to take a quick trip down to Goblin Valley and camped there overnight. One of the students brought his two daughters, which made the whole trip a hundred times more fun.

Goblin Valley is an extremely unique area. You may have seen it in the movie Galaxy Quest--which we watched Friday night before turning in for the night. One of my favorite things was the shadows! So many shapes! Next time you're somewhere amazing on a sunny day, look at the shadows! They're likely to be just as interesting as the scenery.

This one is the ground, but I wasn't liking it how it was shot. I almost like it better this way,
but I'm not entirely sold... any ideas?

Travis with his camera before he dropped it. We all had sympathy for him. Mike told
him he was allowed to swear

Shelley shooting.
We got to play on Saturday after the light wasn't as good as first morning's light. Travis knew about a cave that we all crawled into and I had to take some ibuprofen for the foot, but it was totally worth it! Fun play to camp out.