Capitol Reef

This is a post a long time coming.

With the first block of summer classes, my photography classes went to Capitol Reef National Park for a week, where the school has a field station. My kind of camping really: with hot showers (at least for the girls)., beds, and meals that someone else cooked (yay for Randy!). The time has passed for the stories of that week, but here are a few pictures to enjoy!

On the first morning we went to Hickman Bridge, where Travis and John educated us on a new concept: shooting with the lens detached. Let's just say a lot of us started on this "non-traditional" method.


The rock formations were spectacular. Especially in Cathedral Valley (where, by the way, we battled to keep tents grounded against the wind the one night we did go  camping!). The image just above is the temple of the sun.

There's a quaint little town on the way out of the park that has been preserved. This is the school house. One room. Lots easier than navigating a campus, but much more crowded, methinks.

I took this last one for my cousin, who I happened to run into on our last hike of the week to Calf Creek Falls. "Wait til you see the mouth!" he commented. I had no clue what he meant, but it seemed pretty clear when I saw this. 
The traveling has slowed due to funds, but check out the Estonia 2012 page and look out for some Florida pictures next month!