Cocoa beach

I wasn't planning on writing with any of the pictures again this week, but I feel the need, if only to express this great amount of gratitude bursting from inside me!

A few weeks ago, I was having a discussion with a photographer that I have a great deal of respect for. He was talking about a project he's working on and those things he's received from the place he photographs. He described it as the landscape showing and giving him what he needed for his images.

I must admit that even as he explained this, I felt envious. There was a part of me that understood the idea, but I longed to know that experience for myself.

Tonight, after some complications that caused me to get to the beach just as the light was getting good, I wanted to kick myself as I set up tripod, camera, changed the lens, and basically got ready everything I thought I would need. Then I noticed something brilliant: a lightning storm just off the shore where the waves started rolling towards the sandy ground at my feet. Gorgeous clouds that bounced all the colors from the sunset reflected back at me as I tried to get ready and I found myself enthralled with the storm ahead.

I can't quite describe the connection that I had at that moment. I know it's not quite the same as was explained to me by this other photographer. He was referring to something that happens after spending vast amounts of time with a place, the syncopated steps that you fall into with an old friend. This was the meeting of an acquaintance that you feel you have known for ages. The work of a duet, the ocean and myself working on improvising with one another until we had that sort of harmony that can't be planned and manipulated through hours of practice, but that perfect something which no one else can describe, but which I felt.

I have a hunch this was just a taste of that connection that could be. Just enough to whet my appetite and put me in awe of greater things than myself.

I hope you enjoy the product of my experience as much as I do.

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