As I packed two nights ago, I had to keep repeating a mantra of "I will not bring school work with me to Florida... I will not bring school work with me to Florida..." until I found myself huddled in the corner of my new room, muttering this to myself over and over while slapping my hand away as it reached for books on art theory and ASL literature. My new roommates may think I'm a little loony.

I am proud to say I was successful, however, and have prevailed in enjoying this vacation thus far. I did, of course, bring my camera--the most enjoyable "work" of all. Three of them actually. I intend to try shooting some color film on this trip, hopefully with some success. (That said, any advice from my photo friends who have crossed this threshold on common mistakes, it would be greatly appreciated!) The third is a point and shoot for Harry Potter World on Friday. So very much to look forward to!

In an attempt to really make some great images, I will be posting a "best of " image each day here. For more from each day visit my photography page  on facebook and watch the latest feed. You may be my new best friend if you hit "like" on the page as well, which would help you follow it automatically.

And without further ado:

I just love the variety of birds here. I'm afraid to say there may be a lot of bird pictures in the near future.

(Oh, and p.s. ... don't forget to go enter the Chester the Best-er giveaway here. I'm helping with the designs and one way is to comment on where you think I should go next! I could use some good ideas :) )

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