It's true... nerds are a group of people who have discovered the essence of joy in life. They know how to party it up and have a good time, regardless of what others say.

There aren't any bigger nerdy gatherings than book signings. (Unless you count Comic Con, of course. A level of nerd-ness I have yet to experience). Book signings are the best outlet for super fans to fully express their appreciation for the work of the author through any means possible. Having worked with the Provo City Library at several major events, I was once again called to photograph when Mr. Christopher Paolini came to Utah County. While I haven't ever read the Inheritance Cycle (School has kept me a bit preoccupied lately), I thoroughly enjoyed the stories he shared and the readings he chose. In fact, he grabbed copies of each book from different members of the audience to read a selection from each part of the series. Fans went nuts!

They didn't need Paolini to get them going, though. Costumes were seen in abundance-- jokers, swords, monks, women in tiaras and capes... men in crowns and little elf hats that were green and pointy... Costumes, costumes everywhere.

Ah! The epitome of NERD! I felt so at home!

And then there was this girl:


Is there anything more awesome? Really? If you know of anything, you need to send me a picture, because this really made the entire night!