Adventures in 4x5

Mihkel laughed at me each time I squeaked after hitting the shutter release on the 4x5 camera that I borrowed from UVU over Christmas break.

It was the semester after I took Photo II (which now uses 4x5 cameras regularly) that the school purchased these cameras. When I was registered, we had a chance to shoot one sheet of film which we didn't even load ourselves. I've never even seen the negative that I shot from that class outing.

As part of trying to become more confident in shooting, I thought it would be a good exercise to make this experience happen for myself. This round was definitely more playing than anything, but I was shocked and amazed when I started to develop the film and there were images on there! The photography gods were looking out for me!

Here are a couple of the pictures. More to come as I continue to develop them:

 More from our trip to Dodger's stadium

Vegas Valley

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