California Dreams

Anyone still following along may have noticed that this has changed from strictly a travel blog to my photography blog. There are several reasons for this, the first being that I don't want yet another blog to keep up with, another being that I don't have nearly enough time and money to travel and keep posting often enough.

That said, I managed to take a trip to California for the New Year and over my break . Being the last big trip until Estonia (God and funding willing), I worked on getting pictures at the beach and then moved on North to visit my brother in L.A.

First up, Ocean Beach Pier. I had to take advantage of the foggy mornings!  Particularly because there isn't nearly enough fog in Utah. Just frigid cold.

I love the hanging shoes. Some beach bum put them up there I'm sure.

When I got to L.A. I wanted to try and get into Dodger's Stadium. My brother wasn't opposed. And while he wasn't the easiest model by way of what I wanted him to do, we did have a lot of fun.

I also have been working on using a 4x5 camera and so long as I didn't completely screw up all my film, there should be some more from LA sometime soon!

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