Venetian Masks

Back in 2010, this blog started as a way for family, friends, and very generous donors (who were the reason I went to Italy) could see what I was up to on my summer study abroad. The experience that I had in Europe was beyond amazing and inspired me to want greater things. One of the best parts was the people I got to know as a result of our countless hours wandering the streets of Rome, strolling through the Uffizzi and other museums with pieces that left us in awe, enjoying a weekend trip to the Cinque Terre, and getting lost in the maze that was Venice.

There really isn't much to do in Venice, besides get lost. Oh, and look at masks. We would go around searching out the most beautifully crafted masks. The cheapest of these was around 25 euros, going up, up, up; depending on how intricate and large the mask became.

One mask that I kept revisiting was somewhere in the 50 euros (about $70) range--too much when I considered that I still was going to France and London. I kept debating. The mask was gorgeous, but would not be easy to travel without damaging. The price was such that I could either buy the mask and not get to do things like see a play at the Globe Theatre, or forgo the shopping.

My friend Becca, at one point, convinced me to buy the blank version of the mask (a much more do-able price of 3 euros) and we could make masks sometime when we got back. I bought two this way.

As time got away from us, the masks have sat gathering dust in a closet. A few weeks ago, Becca wrote to both myself and Lina, suggesting a night of fun and craftiness We both were on board and I got the idea to turn our project into a photoshoot after finishing the masks. Here's one of each of us in our masks.

Lina Langford

Rebecca Stuhff

Me (Photo taken by Lina)


  1. Great photo of you Marie! Ooooh la la! Plus, all three of you did an amazing job on your masks. Sounds like a fun project.

  2. That was so much fun. Makes me miss Italy so much! We had some really good times to remember over there though! ;)