Fable Fridays: The Mouse and the Darkness

This is a project I've had stewing in mind for several months. In an attempt to give myself deadlines, I will be trying to add a new fable each Friday. This project is going to combine my writing as well as photography. The images, as well as the fable, will be a way of illustrating the same Moral.

In the barn at Soppy Farms, hidden deep in the corner where cobwebs grow, there was a small dark spot. No one ever noticed it. The dark spot sat there for years until one day it began to grow. It grew and expanded, crawling up the wall, seeping through a pile of hay, and took over the floor.
The horse noticed first. He turned and ran as the darkness spread into his stall. “It’s coming!” the horse said.
The goose looked behind the horse, seeing the darkness following and turned and ran. “It’s coming!” the goose joined the horse in this warning. They came across the pig, the cow, the goat, the dog, and the cat. Each followed, running up towards the hill telling anyone they saw about the darkness.
When they made it, all the animals turned around and watched as the darkness continued to spread over their farm. It was only the mouse who turned around and started running down the hill again. Everyone warned the mouse, but she didn’t stop. When she came towards the dark, the mouse slowed a little. She paused for just a moment, then stepped towards the darkness. Instead of being enveloped, it was the dark that moved away from her. Slowly she kept moving into the darkness, and found the more she pushed, the more the darkness dissipated from her path.
The mouse made it into the barn. The dark was still there, but the mouse moved forward. Coming to the original spot, the mouse found that this had all originated with a little creature—black with sharp teeth, pointed ears, and a sneer—smaller, even, than the little mouse.
Stepping forward, the mouse picked up the little black creature and pulled from its grasp a beautiful white pearl. When the mouse took this pearl back to the others, she was able to convince some of them to help her remove the darkness, confining the little creature back into its corner in the barn.

Moral: Fear is a small being with a large presence and often holds hostage what is most precious to you. The only antidote is a little courage.


If you give Marie a lighting kit...

She will want to do a photoshoot.

When she gets the camera ready and the lights up, she'll want some Dr. Pepper.

She will go to the only store open at 2 am and start looking for a large bottle.

Of course she'll have to pass the clothes, which will remind her she needs new leggings and t-shirts.

When she picks out those, she will go by the movies and remember that she hasn't seen Stranger than Fiction  this week yet. After getting the Dr. Pepper, she'll go home and start searching for this favorite movie of hers.

As she's watching the movie, she will remember how much she loves to write. So she'll need her computer.

When she has her computer, she will start to type a story and realize it needs pictures.

Which, of course, will remind her about the photoshoot...