If you give Marie a lighting kit...

She will want to do a photoshoot.

When she gets the camera ready and the lights up, she'll want some Dr. Pepper.

She will go to the only store open at 2 am and start looking for a large bottle.

Of course she'll have to pass the clothes, which will remind her she needs new leggings and t-shirts.

When she picks out those, she will go by the movies and remember that she hasn't seen Stranger than Fiction  this week yet. After getting the Dr. Pepper, she'll go home and start searching for this favorite movie of hers.

As she's watching the movie, she will remember how much she loves to write. So she'll need her computer.

When she has her computer, she will start to type a story and realize it needs pictures.

Which, of course, will remind her about the photoshoot...

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