Fable Fridays: The Pig and the Picture

Out in the fields at Soppy Farms, there was a Goat who painted all day, every day. The Goat would take his paints, a can of brushes, and his easel to spend the day working on a canvas. From the moment the first ray reached out to a blade of grass in the valley, to the time it bid farewell through a fleeting reflection on the window of the farmhouse, the Goat worked. No one noticed the Goat come and go until one day, his painting was finished and he hung it on the wooden fence near the silo.
Most everyone came and went, but the Pig stayed. The longer he looked, the more excited he became.
The next day, the Pig found paints, brushes, a canvas, and used an old ladder as an easel. He painted feverishly, throwing the paint as fast as he could think what to do next. As the sun went down, he came back to show everyone his own painting.
The Cow exclaimed “wow!”
The Cat purred in approval.
The Goat bleated and turned back to his own painting.
The Pig felt so good about his work, he hung it right next to the Goat’s. The next day he made another.
The Horse nodded.
The Chickens couldn’t stop chirping over it.
The Goat turned to look at it and, again, bleated.
The Pig hung this one next to the Goat’s and his own and spent each day making a new one, getting the approval from more and more of the animals to hang it up.
One night, as he was about to put another nail into the fence, the Goat walked up and frowned at the array of images, shaking his head in disapproval.
“I thought you liked these,” the Pig said, confused.
The Goat looked at him and stated, “I said they were ba-a-a-ad,” the word more clear and distinct than before. “You just never wanted to hear it.”

Moral: While some people create images worth a thousand words, others may end up creating a thousand images that require only one.

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  1. Very nice moral. I like this project of yours. Keep it up!