And I'm Off!

Why is it that I never get sleep the night before a trip? If I'm driving, I always manage to get just enough rest to not be drowsy on the road, but I always seem to put off packing and other tasks that must be accomplished before leaving. It sure does help me to sleep on the plane though.

Sleep or no, I am sitting at the McCarren Airport, waiting for my plane to board in the next half hour. The last few weeks have been busy, but everything has gone smoothly and I am ready for the next part of this. Estonia has been on the top of my bucket list of places to visit for as long as I can remember and I am glad that it is at this time in my life that I'm able to go. I hope that I am ready for everything I will be experience in the next two months!



Sarah's Senior Pictures

The last time I had seen this amazing girl was when I helped at her 8th birthday party! I had, in fact, just graduated high school myself. I enjoyed the photoshoot and getting to catch up with Sarah and her mom. Sarah has become a fantastic artist and will be going to MICA in Baltimore. (I am very excited for her!)


Shoe Gal

Ava likes shoes...

She likes her daddy's shoes because she can grab them and try to stand up...

She likes her mommy's shoes because she can play with the heel...

And she likes her shoes...

For eating.



Just a preview of the photoshoot I did with my family this last Monday.

Christopher with his Vanaisa.


Moon Caves

While it seems my inbox for pictures "to be edited" has exploded, I was excited to work on this one from my quick trip to Cathedral Gorge for the Eclipse Sunday.
Is it bad that I liked this better than the eclipse?


Goodnight Moon

While I wish I'd had more time to really scout out a location for this morning's shoot of the supermoon, but at least I had a Tahoe to get me to the top of a hill!