Stockholm Airport

The story is far too long for me to even want to rehash yet. Let's just say that I missed my connecting flight in Oslo to Tallinn and had about an hour of freaking out and trying to figure things out with the nicest security lady taking me to the right people and a (mostly nice) ticket agent getting me to Tallinn around 5:00 by rerouting me to Stockholm airport and then Tallinn... instead of waiting until the next flight around 7pm.

Also, luckily, the lady in charge at the dormitories I was staying at kindly came back to check me in. Otherwise I would have been sleeping on a park bench somewhere in the city.

I'm still adjusting to the area where I live and have found the old part of the city, which I'm excited to explore. Until then, a couple pictures from Stockholm airport.

There was a little play area with a theme based on some popular children's books in Sweden. (I'm thinking we need to have a Fancy Nancy or Dr. Suess play spaces in airports now.)

And for the parents, there's exactly what THEY need not too far away.

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