Week Two

Well, there's not much new to share since week one. More of the same, basically. I can find my way around a little better and had the chance to go with a new friend from church to the Open Air Museum just on the outskirts of the city. The Open Air Museum is a place where they've preserved much of the tradition, culture, and old way of life in Estonia. There are young groups that perform the traditional dances, which I only saw briefly. The old houses are more like little huts and all of their tools, furniture, and houses are crafted entirely from wood.

I have a feeling I'll be going back at least once more for photographing. (Or maybe just go for Midsummer's Eve... something that is a much bigger deal in these places where it actually stays light all night.)

One thing I have figured out is that the morning air here gives me the sniffles. That said, sunrises are out... unless there's a must have picture that can only be captured in these early hours. I have enjoyed how late it stays light and continue to find the buildings nearby interesting and fun to explore.

This next week I'll venture further out, so if pictures stop... I'm lost somewhere in the countryside!

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