The Black Pearl... or something like it

While most people mark their journeys in terms of countries they've been to, I often find myself more exhilarated at the idea of stepping into another ocean or sea. Last summer when I went to Florida, I made a point to drive to the coast because I had not seen the Atlantic Ocean before then. During my study abroad, many of us had the chance to swim in the Mediterranean Sea. Being from California originally, we would make yearly trips to the Pacific, which I have also been to from the Alaska and Hawaii areas. I love beaches. I love water and the many possibilities it provides visually.

One of my favorite places to photograph (you may have noticed) is over by the bay of Tallinn. Still, I hadn't gone into the water. For one, it's cold. (I don't do cold.) Two, that area has some beautiful spots but it's not exactly a beach. So I held off and enjoyed the view.

Friday, a group of people went to the beach and I decided to join in. As I packed my things, I decided not to worry about a swim suit (who wants to swim in that freezing cold water???) And since this wasn't really a photo trip, I made the choice to leave my 75-300 lens at home to save space and weight.

Little did I know that there would be this totally awesome, rusted-out shipwreck maybe 200 yards off shore. My Photo I teacher's words rang in my ears "luck favors the prepared". Well... prepared I wasn't.

I enjoyed the weather with everyone and held off as long as I could before wading into the water, denim capri pants and all, using what I had to get this:

I may or may not have giggled when I got this looking how I envisioned from the start (although I probably did). It was cold and I had to deal with wet clothes on the bus ride home, but it was totally worth it. And I must say, there is something to be said for not having a ton of options. Having only the one lens pushed me into getting a better angle than I would have with my telephoto lens from the shore. That said, I'm wearing a swimsuit next time. Just in case.

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