One Month Down

Really? When did that happen? How did a month go by? I feel like I just got here, and my time in Estonia is half over!

I suppose I'll just have to make great use of my last month here. :)

One of the greatest things I've done lately is to go to the Liiva Cemetery, where my great grandparents are buried. There's another cemetery I need to get to, but this is the one I have looked forward to, as Vanaisa shared his stories about them--particularly his mother.

Something else I realized is that Old Town is like the halls of Hogwarts Castle--the streets change. I know this because I have yet to go the same way twice either to or from a place. Every time I see a shop I want to check out on my way home from shooting (usually around midnight, when the shops are closed), I have to stumble upon it again.

What a great place! Really!

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